Amazing food from
the ground to your table

We want to bring the opportunity to enjoy delicious fruit at our farm or farmers markets.

About Us

A farm with a big mission behind

Our mission we have set for ourselves is to provide the best quality fruit and customer service.

  • 100% Pesticides Free Products
  • All grown on our farms
  • Support Local Community
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Cultivating healthy food for you and your family.

Our Farm

The story behind Resendiz Farms

My Parents brought me here when I was thirteen years old to work in the fields, a few year later I went back to Mexico visit friends and family I noticed my Colleagues were graduating to be doctors lawyers etc... I felt like I need to be doing something more than what I was doing. Before I need exactly what I wanted to do I had went to a Conference in Santa Barbara, I saw a sign that said "Agricultural feed the world" that's when I knew I had to start my farm and provide the best fresh produce to my community.

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Satisfied Clients
Why Farm

A farm that is unlike any other

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